Saturday, January 31, 2009

Busy day!!!

Josephine n gangz!!!

I'm shortest ady...Haiz...Charm lo..

Josephine's Birthday's Cake

Woke up at 8am sth by my dad again...he asked me 2 go 2 visit my 2nd Uncle(passed away)...i went to 'Chi Yun' with my 3rd uncle,sis,bro,cousin,n my aunt...1st time since i went back 2 kch...2 sad & i felt a bit guilty 4 not appreciating last time as he was alive...Headed home at 11am sth,take a bath n go 2 billy's house once again...i saw 3 of my frens still had there childhoods' hours playing with smackdown...Haha...19th lo...We headed 2 Josephine's house 2 celebrate her 18th's Birthday...Happy Birthday Josephine!!!Enjoy yo 18th years in Earth...haha...Visited Long's house since dat day flooded...haha...n Adam 2...He was sicked(Same as me--->fever...WTF!!!) n yet still had the mood 2 gamble...haha...I rushed home but on the way back,my leg's muscle cramped!!WTH!!!2 cold i tink...Get scolded by my dad...Going out wif Families...We had our dinner at HK's noodles house...The food there quite delicious which made my 'frog' die in my stomach..haha...Headed home...decided 2 go out wif frens but nid study ady..Haiz...Last day in Kuching...God Bless & Gud Luck 2 all my beloved Frens in Kuching...Guan Kiat,hope u cum over monash ASAP!!haha...

Friday, January 30, 2009

29 & 30 Jan 09

29 JAn
Went out wif billy them...goin visiting...but most of the time end up gambling at frens house since most of the roads here were flooded...I'm so glad 2 c Jonathan again since form3...He just came back from Perth...most of my frens had beers in his house but i tink i was the only 1 who used 2 drink soft drinks...haha...2 noob in drinking such beer--->BECKS!haha...
30 JAN
Suppose going out visiting wif old all frens in primary sch..haha...but my dad not allow me 2 drive since i had drove 4 2 days ady...yet exam soon...i only study in the morning n my frens visited me in the nite,stay at home family go 2 my popo's house gamble again...haiz...Damn Sienz...Thx Ah Mengzz 4 informing dat PS has been delayed 2 10th of FEB...Thx Ah Mengzz...(sometimes china guy oso not bad 2...haha...)but oways get scolded...By me...haha...sorry la mengz...Ox year mayb i wil 'Layan' u better!!!haha....

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tiring Day AGAIN!!!

My chemistry's Teacher(Pn yeo)

Her Son,Jowel...very meaty!!

Leng Lui's group...

Pn Yeo's House...

2day,waken up by the name ALEXANDER LEE...haha...he is my bball bro...he visits 2 my house n 2 tumpang my car to Jenny's house...We have gathering at her house n we decide 2 visit whos house 1st...we went 2 jenny,Mr.Kho(Mathematics),Yanyan,Ms Lim(Add.Math),PohYiin,Pn.Tang(Science),Melissa,Mr.Thung(Best Diciplined),YeeYun,Pn.Yeo(Chemistry)...I *request 2 go home early due 2 tiredness...2mr still have visiting wif another gang of frens...Actly,i had cancelled the open house in Charles' house...but so SorrY charles,i'm really dat exhausted..haiz...still nid study gok...but haven't touch even a single page yet...Haiz...Damn Lazy dy... =P

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chinese New Year 1st n 2nd Day!!

26 JAN
i had been waken up by my dad yet it was 1st day of CNY...As usual,we had our breakfast n wait 4 relatives 2 visit us...Headed 2 fren's house 4 open house...Ate lots of delicious food..we still visited our relatives house at night...I slept bout 11pm sth...2 tired... =>
27 Jan
Went 2 my dad's kan mama night my house has open house 4 all relatives...haha...dats o...nth special...haha... =>

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chinese New Year Eve!!!

I wake up 8am 2day...Has clean the car 4 my dad n my ownself...tiring job..but only once in a blue moon..haha...I ate my reunion dinner very early...about 3:45pm...the round table is filled with salmon fish,chicken wings,duck meat,steam meat,steam 'boat' but y thr is no beef...I tot Ox year can eat beef...but no prawn oso..haiz...but quite gud oso coz later go out with frens...Wac Rise of The Lycan---->>>Underworld 3...Most of them were Malays...i tink only 3 of us were Chinese..Eat Babi de..haha...Gong Hei Fatt Choi 2 everyone...May all yo New Year's resolutions come true!!!Gud Luck n God Bless 2 everyone... =>

Saturday, January 24, 2009

CNY eve eve n eve eve eve!!!

23 JAN
I woke up at 10am...I saw a thick cash on my table...I tot it is my Angpow $$...but as i went downstairs,my mum asked me 2 help her bank in...As i heard dat,my heart broken...haha...jk...Nvm...i noe i sure get it during CNY very happy den..However,i felt quite dangerous having such many cashs..1st time handling so much money...I went 2 da bank n found dat it was full of ppl..WTF!!!I had queue up 4 1 hour...tired man....Den,nth 2 do le...went back
24 JAN
I woke up da earliest time ever since i went back hometown..630am..haha...My fren came n fec me 2 ply bball at jalan arang...indoor...last time we used 2 ply beside my house de bball court...but they tink indoor better...i won 2 out of 3 matches...i had proved i'm not yet old...haha...but last time used 2 win o de..haha...I headed 2 'The Spring' wif both my 'bros'...long time din go out wif them dy..haha...we go buy clothes...i bought a Padini formal ma..reached home at night on9...nothing 2 do...haha...Gong Hei Fatt Choi!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy hour wif Families...

I woke up n quickly had my blog done...i went 2 my mom's side grandma's house 2 visit them...1st time since i went back kch...I saw her bcum thinner den b4..Haiz...but my uncle's kid growing up fast but very xiao qi type de...Haiz...can't ply much wif him..haha..coz his 'formula 1' engine started very fast...i mean crying..haha...After dat,i had my lunch wif my mum...the 1st time i ate kolo mee since i came back hometown..haha..but i realised it was getting less nowadays as the economics are poor in USA...dono whether Barack Obama facing any severe conditions...haha...God blessed Obama...haha...Den afta fetching my bro frm sch,my uncle from Segamat visited me...I was so happy 2 c him once again since last CNY..haha...I realised he is getting older den b4..He gave bak poh as buah tangan...thx uncle..haha...At nite,i brought my bro 2 boulevard 2 buy his CNY's trouser..he choose a pair of short trouser costing RM80..I said if i bought from kl sure will b cheaper ar..but i bought him a BG shirt 4 him as i came back...Sorry,bro,i dono wat u demanded on...haha...Next time i will sure call u b4 i made a conclusion..haha...Only when i went back home,i get 2 touch my study stuffs...haha...Quite happy coz relax most of the time..haha...Amitahba...haha...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Working Day... :(

CNY is coming soon so my dad asked me 2 clean the floor...Usually,we only clean the floor once a year using water pump..haha...the water pump is so powerful dat it might even hurts me sometimes...WTF!!After cleaning the backside of my was nearly 7:30pm,i rushed 2 bath n get 2 fullfil my empty stomach ASAP...Only den i started study at 8pm was so tiring but i still afford 2 study until around 1am..but most of the time listen 2 songs...haha...not dat concentrate in another way..haha..

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

19 & 20 JAN 2009,Mon n Tues DAY!

Ytd(19Jan),i was surprised dat my secondary frens came 2 my house wif sch uniform...quite a diff frm me nw...haha...we had a nonsense tok 4 1 hour n sth...2day(20 Jan),as usual,i had 2 fec my bro 2 sch n tuition centres...I hate dis job very took lots of my time...Haiz...However,my fren called me 2 hav a outing at nite...As usual,we meet at billy's house...I get 2 met puay kian n khoon Sheng...puay kian gain fat a lot...No choice,cuz CNY cuming soon,nid fatt choi!!haha..Khoon Sheng is still as tall as a coconut tree...He is like a terrorist wearing a mask due 2 his severe cough...(get well soon arr..)We went out 2 Sarawak Plaza...The shopping mall dat had been modified n bcum as high class as in Tun Jugah..We bought a present 4 Josephine's 18th Birthday!!At 1st,we decide 2 buy her a condom n bra bcoz she is 18th soon..haha..but end up but small stuff only...haha...I headed home quite early bcoz i needed 2 fac my bro frm tuition again..if not, i no nid 2 b back dat early...S**k man!!!haha...i return home still can't on9 coz my bro used 2 ply SDO n maple at nite...WTF again!!!Therefore,i only end up in the room facing thos study sudn't b like dat... :(

Monday, January 19, 2009

Busy Day!!!

I had been waken up by my dad again...It was started since i was in primary sch...but whr can i find such responsible daddy!Dad,i love u!!!However,sometimes he will bcum luo suo a bit...Nvm...still can tahan..haha...i headed 2 temples wif my uncle n dad...Dis was da 1st time i drive them here n there...Last time was my 2nd uncle who passed away...i missed him so much...haiz..I get 2 drive in da long journey which was a gud experienced 4 me...but i merely 4gotten the directions 2 go..haha...wat a noobshit!!!haha...I took a nap n yet waken up by my dad once again...I needed 2 help them clearing o the useless stuff including cut those grass around my house...coz...dis is the last weekend b4 CNY!!! i had 2 ignore my frens who invited me 2 go out yam cha...haiz...i only get 2 study at nite...somemore ply cs..haha...release tension.. :p

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Back 2 Hometown!!!

I woke up 8:30am dis morning n realised i needed 2 rush 2 the airport..I took a bath n waken up my cousin...We had nasi lemak as breakfast n we took 1 hour n 30 mins 2 reach airport...I called my mum b4 i flied so dat she wont b dat worried...I reached kuching at 3pm n the 1st thing i got 2 noe is dat kch is raining...haiz...WTH!!!I tought i needed 2 go back by boat but my aunt fetch me home...I saw that the basketball court beside my house has getting lesser n lesser, the players.My parents keep on repeating the same thing n complaint about my Tarzan's hair...Den i cannot tahan them i drove 2 'Mo Fa Shi' saloon 2 hav a hair cut which cost only RM12!!Too short dis time my hair....a bit dislike...I was quite happy bcoz my relatives visited me after my dinner...but it was sad 2 hear about the death of my uncle yet his son doesn't respect at all through the chatting of my parents. I'm glad 2 sleep again at the comfortable bed n eat such delicious home-cooked food...Kuching,i still remember yo smell!!!It is still a better place for relaxation!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

SuperBobo Day!!!

Yeah!!!Finished donate blood!!

Act Handsome Superhero!!!

My Blood Donated!!!

Act 2 be Fainted!!!Sohai face!! :p

Gud Experience 4 SuperBobo!!!Yea!!!

I had both my Physics lecture n practical 2day!!!dis is the last physics practical wif Ms Yap Lay Min!!!She is such a gud teacher..she returned us the reports marks...I get 27 out of 30..n i get 38.75 marks 4 my coursework mark after include the Mid term test...just 1.25 can pass dy...haiz...After the practical,we had our class photo wif Ms Yap,Ms Leong,&Ms Wong!!!They r all Superwomen!!!Geng arr!!!Next we went back home...But we tend 2 go PB 2 donate blood!!!wow!!We met jeff ng n his gf..After filling those forms,i realised dat i'm having AB blood's group...We r happy n proud of our ownselves 4 being such superHeros!!!We wrote onto the feedback notes that was sketched by us---->'We realised dat the world without us wouldn't be PERFECT!!!Haha...Wat a wonderful experiences 4 both of us!!!

'School' Days--->'Shopping' Days!!!

Reno saw a dinosour in front....Goin 2 change!!!

B4 their evolution!!!

J's Family are ' Sohaiing'!Lucky i still alive!!

Where is Me??OMG!!Laundry mie??Bobo~~

Don't Try Dis At Home!!!Beside Toilet is encouraged!!!haha...lolx..

Power 'J'angers!!!Where is the Captain???Die in the washing Machine??haha..

Nice posture!!!Future Models arr...No nid study liao...Ponteng!!!Fight wif 'Worms' & 'Kung Fu Panda' & 'Noob Ultraman'!

I went 2 sch 2day but i didn't attend any lessons... :p I did my physics tutorial as i was waiting 4 jiaseng them 2 finish their practical.After dat,we went 2 Times Square by Bus n monorel.We went 2 buy those CNY's clothes...Wat a fantastic time wif them.I bought a skinny jeans which is an open-ceremony 4 our shopping hours.Haha..We wac Ip-Man.Then,i felt very boring already becoz i almost finished buying already...It is sufficient 4 me in dis prosperous cow year..haha..Those my fren in Kch will definitely complain about my dressing dis year de...Mayb i look ah gua wif skinny jeans gua...haha...My fren n i had our dinner at jalan alor street..i ate Cantonese yee mee wif herbal tea which cost me about RM9 sth..We went back home n had our 'Power Rangers' review show again.(Every1 act reli sohai)haha...Can't Tahan ar...Thank you frens 2 have such wonderful hours wif u all!!!But quite tiring becoz i only bought a jean...haiz... XD

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

12.01.09 MonDay

I saw dis Mouse stuck onto the trap in somewhr near mamak costs RM1

Jared's new record!!!Level 19...Believe it o not?Nothing is Impossible!!Becoz I'm Possible!!!

Haiz...its another day again.I only attended the Math's tutorial and Lecture in the morning.I afraid that Ms Lee Sa is going 2 be angry with TD4 becoz most of my classmates didn't attend her class,but it was over already,so i won't be worried anymore.I just slept 4 4-5 hours and yet my frens wanted 2 play bball so i had 2 join them.I was happy and glad that i still can afford 2 win both matches.Haha...Ytd,forgot 2 mention about the J's house Tetris new record!The record was once again broken by Jared Ong,the sohai no. 0 in dis house...haha...

Monday, January 12, 2009

11.01.09 Sunday

My housemates went back 2day so i had 2 headed back home 2 meet as i woke up dis noon.However, i couldn't meet them becoz they only be back in the evening.Haiz...2 bad...I had o the evening doing past year maths but i could finish 1 exam and yet i 4gotten 2 do the tutorial whereby Ms Lim LH would discuss 2mr...At nite,i headed 2 mamak stall nearby 2 wac the interesting match between chelsea n MU.I'm so glad dat the Red Devils are in cloud nine wif 3-0 won against Chelsea.2mr still hav 2 ply bball wif my so tired....dono whether hav the energy...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

10.01.09 Saturday

I woke up around 12 noon.I finally have the chance 2 touch my laptop becoz my fren used it 2 play Dota since last night.However,i was so hungry dat time but i waited 4 my frens 2 wake up in order 2 hav lunch 2gether.Thereore,i only had my lunch at 3pm in mamak stall again.There are no more choice yet it is the nearest eating place.Around 7 sth,cum back frm dinner webcam with my fren again til the night ends....Have 2 study lu...Final cums afta CNY!!haiz...Gambahteh,JustiN!!!U can!!!Yes, i caN!!! :D

Friday, January 9, 2009

08.01.09 ThursDay & 09.01.09 FriDay

Thursday,2day is our last chemistry's practical.Unfortunately, our beautiful teacher,Ms Wong doesn't attend bcoz she is sicked.Haiz...However her gud partner,our last sem lecturer Ms leong substitutes her n she get molested by the Kampar Zai.Haha...she really get shocked n luckily he get punished bcoz he had broken a 25ml measuring cylinder.So sad we 4get 2 take pics with Ms Leong.Haiz...Btw,i hope dat Ms Wong get well soon n i wish 2 c her in skul again with her unbeaten spirits n souls.
Friday,2day i only woke up at 1pm n i rush 2 skul becoz i'm having consultation wif Ms Leong.Actually,dis is the 1st time she consult me.I have 2 thank her bcoz she lighten my pressure in dis difficult chapters.Ms Leong,i sincerely thank you!!!Thx pamela neo 4 being such a trustworthy fren.She is willing 2 chat with me through webcam.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

07.01.09 Wednesday

Jared's House Record!!

Drinks that i ordered...

I was so happy dis morning when i heard dat i was not in bar list.I confirmed it when i get 2 know that only 1 of my coursemates had been barred,>>HKD,Mr.Rain.Therefore,my fren n i went 2 OLD TOWN white coffee shop having a big meal thr.We had a fun time together with delicious food n drinks.So,i skipped Writing 4 Science with the knowledge of Ms Sharimila by calling 2 her.I did so with both my best frens,Jo n Yk bcoz we r not barred.HAHA...I was so lucky 2 noe a new fren from singapore through tagged.She is a kind-hearted girl with gorgeous appearance.Too bad that she has the same age as my sister... :P Lastly,i was proud of my fren who had succeeded playing tetris until 13 level where i only can reach until level 10. haiz...Am i that NOOB??haha...Congratulations Jared Ong!!!Sorry,no prize 4 u...haha... :p

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sweet and Sour :p

The last lesson with hypnosis Miss Tan!!

7 11 in Jaya 1..the place whr i had been a suku kia 4 50mins.

Old Town White coffee in Jaya 1.

Yesterday night,around 10pm,i received a call from my new fren,Hatem.He asked me 2 wait 4 him outside 711.I waited 4 so long outside there n i thought he would left me alone like dat.After about 5o mins,he came n we had dinner 2gether in OLD town in Jaya1.He told me dat he was the 1st time having chinese food as his meal.I was shocked n sorry 2 hear dat he is allergic 2 any seafood bcoz he had asam laksa as dinner dat night.I refused 2 visit his house again after eating at about 12am.However,i had also ignored his invitation of having dinner 2gether 2nite.I had 2 do so becoz i'm really very tired.Besides,dis was the 1st time i felt a bit sad about the leaving of Miss Tan.Moreover,i only realised dat 2day she tought us very well in class but 1 thing that cannot be changed is most of the students had been hypnosised by her again.She is going 2 further her studies in Australia with scholarship man!!!wtf!!so pro...TD1 until TD4 had taken few photos with her after the class.Btw, all the BEST n good LUCK 2 Miss Tan!!!I will always remember u!!haha.... :p

Monday, January 5, 2009

Too late 4 dis blog...but it still seems fresh...

Reno is 'Hu la hu la quan'ing!!!haha...

too boring n ply wif fan...c hw i spin it..haha...

It so attractive...

the lion dance....

too far from my view..haha

Huge Tanglungs

Forced 2 clean...coz 2 boring...

Today i had spent my time playing basketball with my frens in pc block.Actually,i'm having 2 lessons which are the programming and the public speaking,but i used 2 skip these 2 lessons in order 2 hav such a fun time playing with my frens.TD4 won in today match due 2 xtra 1 person in our team but seemed it didn't benefit our team 2...coz the xtra person is Reno...haha...Afterthat,i went 2 their house n i finally realised that Reno is gud in 'HU LA QUAN'.haha...he seems very pro in,i met a new fren called HATEM who is from Saudi Arabia...i 1st known him was in the mamak stall nearby...Afta wacing the football match with my frens,i went 2 his house having a visit there.He is quite a gud fren 2 me...but the only thing is the difference of our ages...He is 28-29years old but he left his family with 3 children n came over malaysia 2 continue his 'master' in UM.I'm proud 4 being a fren of him...haha...thx Hatem...That Morning, i went Times Square n Sungei Wang alone becoz i was reli boring staying alone at home after finished cleaning my room...haiz...However,the lion dance performance in front of Times Square had regenerated my spirit of CNY.Moreover,it is so beautiful inside of Times Square...I had the feelings of i still hav 2 weeks 2 go...haiz...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A new day in the year 2009!!!~01.01.09


Today i woke up quite late...Maybe last nite 2 tired already...i woke up about 2:30pm...Actually plan 2 go 4 shopping with frens in Times Square but it was 2 late...but i was still dat tired so the event was cancelled.I had my New Year's 1st meal in mamak stall nearby with a plate of nasi lemak n a roti telur n somemore Nescafe Ais.Then,i went back n on9 until 8pm something...Hence,my fren n i felt hungry n decided 2 have our dinner.Then,we played UNO 2 decide where 2 have our dinner.I eventually won n i suggested 2 go KFC bcoz i dressed very very red 2day,including my underwear 2...haha..I have a gud meal,'X meal' in KFC so i decided 2 bring back the massive 'bucket' of fried chicken but the 'ah pek' of KFC didn't want 2 follow me...It was really a simple New Year cham...However,there is a gud news bcoz my fren,Reno has created his 1st blog 2day---any1 interested pls view his sohai blog>>> is 18 dis year,taking Material n Manufacturing course,but reli pro in DOTA n CS...I'm no selling my fren but dis sohai guy reli has 2 be known...haha...compulsory must view...haha...

New Year Eve...Fun but Tiring... XD

Although 2day is New Year,i'm still havin class until 5pm bcoz replacement 4 01.01.09 chemistry's practical.Under no gloves condition,i was forced 2 reuse the gloves inside the dusbin.Hence,my pretty hands bcum 'ah ma' hands due 2 contact with water in a long period time.In the evening,i went 2 cheras' pasar malam with my frens.I thought i had a gud meal in New Year eve but eventually ended up eating fried 'Kuey Tiaw' cham...At the moment we left,the policemen misused the emergency light due 2 traffic jams.However,we continued our countdown event at Taman Saga in order 2 view the gorgeous scenery of Klcc with fireworks but 2008 ‘老天爷’not allowed us 2 sit comfortably wac.Thus, we ended up sitting beside a drain enjoyed it.Haiz...Then,we went back home.As we reached home,i decided 2 go Jaya1 2 have a drink again.Since every shops had closed,we went 711 2 buy some drinks n snacks...we had our fun time enjoying beside a tranquil atmosphere by deeping our HK legs into the pool...Luckily,the pool doesn't has any aqua animals or else the aqua animals willn't have a enjoyable time in 2009...haha...they will sure die...hehe...Opps,new year cannot mention foul or any sensitive words...but it can be an opening ceremony 4 2009...haha...About 1:30am sth,we are all 2 crazy 4 the New Year,thus we pretended 2 die on the road n car n somemore we have done so much sohai things in the bus station n jared's house...It was really fun but tiring...these are the sweet memories that i won't forget ever!!!Thx n Happy New Year frens!!!

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祝20 09年 想事成
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