Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Going Back Hometown today...

HometowN??Maybe it has been my HSH since i was born..HSH??HomoSexual Human??Of coz not!My Home Sweet Home...8 months i did't went back my hometown and gather wid my frens, relatives, n siblings...I have my flight at 5pm..but now i'm so excited coz i'm gonna meet Her soon...Obviously, i'm so Happy leaving the Hell Schooling Season, but i still being sad because i'm gonna to leave my close frens here-->>J's Family.We had our Pooling hours till around 5am dis morning. It's just very bushed physically but still so energetic mentally. Take K well...C u guys soon...Well, dat's all...Meet ya my frens in Kuching...MAy God Bless u all...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Holy Days The Best Medicine...

What the Best Medicine on Earth??

Holydays??Impossible??Maybe just a single day trip with close frens will do...
Actually, i'm having holidays now after battling and suffering against tonnes of stresses and the evil's examination just within exactly a month. However, J's Family did organised day trip whereby we were able to enjoy and keep ourselves at the juvenile's moment. We went to genting since we had a break within examinations due to the pressures dat keep on pushing us without giving us a single breath dat may caused us to death. Since then, we enjoyed GohTong's Belongings with the surrounding's freshening air. Just after the fight against the most powerful Devils, we went to the World Heritage City of Malacca whereby we still able to see those Portugals' Arts and Designs there. Without hesitation, we went to several places to fulfill our toads in our tummy. The cue ball shaped of chicken rice doesn't taste as delicious as what i thought. Maybe the cendol and the satay lok-loks there are mostly give a good taste for me. We were all damn bushed but damn happy, relax, fun and free duty?? from stress!!!
Lunching hour...

Cue Balls??
King of Bobo??

River...Damn dirty
Best Sale??
J's Men

Menara Taming sari
Eye on Malaysia...

Feel like cutting down the tree beside

Shipping Photo session

Satay Lok-Lok

Saturday, September 19, 2009

This is really AMAZING!!

He is really Great and Fantastic!! What an Amazed...

View it & u will get treated well..

Friday, September 18, 2009

What a Wonderful Day..

This is my most wonderful and enjoyable day...

I went through great experienced with few of my sohai frens though i had my Circuit Theory's exam at 2pm. Last night, i went to YumCha wid few of my frens at Hartini whereby it was the last day before it closes for one month during Raya. After that, we decided to go for makan angin in order to revitalize our mind from being stressed up by the final exam. It was a hard time for us to go through the suffering night. So, we off to Genting and had a chatting and relaxing night there. We did photo capture session there. There are some memories that i would like to share with u all.
Jia Seng
Jen Shen
Ryan Chan
Me--> BOBO
ME & Jared
Ryan & ME
After the suffering and battling sessions in the examination hall, we went to low yat plaza as Ryan and Jenshen both wanna to buy Razer mouses as a way to release their stress despite to have better battle during Dotaiing.
Since Ryan has his real Birthday on 19.09.2009, we decided to give the fatty birthday boy a celebration. We headed to 4 Happy Seasons somewhere just near to where we stay currently. Personally, i adore the ambience there since we have no choice to choose winter season. It's really a place for a gathering and celebration among frens besides best for couples. We presented him a boxer and a cutie greeny bear, hope he likes it much. Once again before i end, HAPPY BIRHTDAY RYAN CHAN!!! Let us view the images that would like to make the toking. Enjoy!!
Jen Shen,ZhiHong & KAren
Wat's dropping off??
The J's pic
Sweet Couple
WIth the birthday boy
Don't touch My MOLE
Family pict
C the light
Wah, So huge but sexy
So delicious
4 of us
HAppy Birthday, Birthday Boy, Ryan Chan!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Have some Fun Here...

I would like to share some interesting video clips here...

Wok The Fuck?& Phuc Dat Bich...

Spongebob-China Edtition

Abnormal Physical Look

Have a gud laugh..Haha^.^