Sunday, May 20, 2012

星期天 / 星期日??

today is ain't a common sunday or so called holiday to most of the people out there.
It's 520, 20th of May, though it's meaningful to most couples yet i can't accompany her to celebrate together.
Hereby, i wish her happy, healthy, blessed, and cheers always. 
and most important 520 jenny chew! 
anyway, i wish i could publish this entire post at 13:14, think what? 
i ain't that good! LOL 
Well, just a short post, nervous and upset on intern stuffs! 
Happy 520 to the ppl out there! Have a nice day ahead! C=

Saturday, May 19, 2012

2nd post in 2012 LOL

I just realized i posted the very 1st post in my blog! LOL
what a new me, got my nails cut, ear clear, and haircut. not used to it when my hair is all black!
what else do i miss? alike i'm going to avatar's world,gonna prepare for the war!
and realized it's 520 2mr...520 jen! can't wish u on 13:14, coz u will be having exam ady.
i feel the nervous towards the job ady.
will i get compliment instead of just facing the music?
still the word, tell me im good and wish me luck if u saw my post!
LMFAO, just 2nd post on the same day do u think someone bother? God Bless ME! =D

Sem break & the starting of my Intern Life!

Think what it's our 3rd year anniversary.
Well, it was crashed with my final exam so we didn't get to celebrate together that day.
However, we had a vacation with J family right after the exam to redang as we missed the last one to Langkawi, so sad that we lost the chance.
We had a simple celebration by just having a meal at bbq plaza. Seems like it's better than any other buffet meal as it won't let me feel greasy towards the food *besides those japanese buffet*
She don't wanna a pressie and wanna me to support her on the new Ipad.
Can't do anything too, as long as she is happy with it! *coz i love her!*
Tomorrow will be my last holiday for this entire sembreak as i'm going for internship on 21st May.
Seems like it's gonna be blues everyday coz i bought five formal wear, think what, 4 are blues!
Damn, my entire intern life gonna be blues for five months, hopefully the only friday will be great to me!
Hopefully it will only be once in a blue moon.
I had gone thru all the stuff he had given to me but afterall i need a tutorial class badly!
Wish me luck in my intern life and wish my parents be back in msia soon.
I need their support truly,madly and deeply.
Seems like it's the end of the world! still gonna FACE it!