Friday, July 3, 2009

Just get to long ady??^^

I'm gonna mention the most unfortunate day in this year...

It's 26 June 2009!!!

I won't forget it and hope i can prevent it from happening next year!!!

I woke up about 7am dat day and i can afford to catch up the Utar bus (coz i owes use tarc's bus)..

Dat was the day i delayed my statics' lab report (Young's Modulus). And i had to hand in ASAP. After class, the unfortunate things happened, the rains started to fall heavily. WTF!!! I had to print out the lab report which i tot it was in my thumbdrive. As i reached the photostating shop (which is in front of the tarc, n quite a far distance frm Utar), i was aliked a swimming athlete who swam with clothes. The moment i plugged in my thumbdrive, i just realised the report modified by me was still inside my laptop. I was like a suku kia la.

Then, i had to return to sch comp lab to edit it again as the rains still going on. I was shivering like a puppet without balancing as the air-cons were still on. The moment i had done with it, i realised dat the rains never stopped. So, i went back to the photostate shop again under the torrential rains. As i returned to SE block, i just found out dat the office only opens at 2pm and it was still 1 sth dat time, so i had to go to cafeteria to fill up my empty stomach.

Finally, i had a nap at 3pm..Ah lai-->the x-aqua called me to ply bball in Tarc. At 1st, i rejected him, but still followed him thr.

However, i knocked my knee and hand while saving a ball during the match onto the light post.

I tot my luck was still thr, so i turned up becoming a OKU whereby i twisted my left leg.WTF!! I can hear the sound when it was bent. I straight when back home with the pain in my leg..I had oso eaten the claypot chicken rice which was not nice at all!!Now it is still swollening though i had went to c 'tie da'-->oriental 4 2times which charged me bout rm100 ady..WTH!!damn xpensive..Besides, my wardboard oso had been broken down. Haiz...It's the end of my unfortunate day~!! I will owes rmb it in my life. :( Somemore, i angry dat i can't went to wac Transformers in 27/06/2009 with my 'horse' due to dis twisted leg!!! I got the tickets for FREE!!! Just six shot of bball afta 15 rounds of turning in 2 minutes won me 2 tickets.

The Tickets i won..

The 1st time i cook 4 myself.

The ticket of mine...^^ cant go anyway..haiz...

The twisted leg of mine.. :(

The noodles cook 4 myself...

Alike a patient...haiz...