Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's so unfortunate day 4 J's Family and also my Family

Today Consider a Bad Day 4 C9-10 due to something happened in between the day. At the beginning of the day, ryan's car had been clamped due to his laziness to park at his own parking space which cost him 20 bucks. And when we return home, most of us were having nap and the electricity was just off just in a sudden. What happened??Continue Next Episode....Stay Tuned with me...Will Be Back soon...*LAme* Due to unpaid electricity's bills 4 more than 3 months, our dreams eventually come true. Our electricity had been CUT OFF!!!WooHoo...Should we just sing Namewee's Song to Tenaga Nasional???

We shouldn't but still have to pay 4 the bill. We pay right after that. What a good experience for J's Family. See how dare we challenge Tenaga Nasional Berhad!!! This is called the Power of J's Family. Tenaga Nasional Berhad = Tiu Nia Bu?? What the next we gonna challenge? J's Family are free to leave any comment here...Okie, this was all the stuff happened for my second family in kl..
Let's talk about my real loving and caring Family.
My younger bro had been chosen to attend National Service in Malacca which is extremely far from my sweet hometown--Warming Kuching!! Right? hehe... So, my mum called me frequently and telling me that she is missing us for tonnesss * I miss her more than tonnes too* and she told me that all the stuff about my bro who used to be unfamiliar with his place now. And everytime she called me, her tears would fall alike waterfall which is more than a cup of water. She said she missed the time we had every meals together whereby she has her every single meals alone, and only accompany by my dad at night. My bro's appearance used to be bigger size than who i am now * obviously* but he does cry whenever he received my mum's call and mine too. First time to hear that my bro would cry. (男人哭吧哭吧不是罪!!~)*Maybe my mum's love to us is too deep until the core of our hearts* I love u, mum. (世上只有妈妈好!!~) Really sad that i don't even know how to console them. Sigh..what a useless son and bro for them. Anyway, i love u all. Why today all regards to Nasional, National??WTF!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Is her again...

Love dis pict the most... love ya.... :-*

Monday, March 29, 2010

My Lovely Sport Car =)

These BMW sport car are just elegance, gorgeous, and super duper nice...IT's just very COOL!!~

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Super Happy Day with her...Talk almost the whole day..

This is new proton but originally from Lotus-italdesign giugiaro..nice car..

Saturday, March 27, 2010

This is especially for u,Jenny

Ever since i created this blog, i have never written any post that is regarding you. Since i got this precious opportunity from Love World Love Sloggi organised by Nuffnang to post something that i would like to extract it out from my deepest heart to my beloved one, Jenny Chew. I'm writing this post at this hour because i'm writing it in the dark as it's Earth hour now. I obey the law by shutting down all the lights to fully support Earth hour because i know that global warming is endanger the Earth right now. So, we can predict that the Earth will come to its end one day just alike what is shown in the movie of 2012. Besides, bible also written as well. Officially, we are coupling to all of the people who cares. As what is in my mind now, i'm thinking what if one day the Earth comes to its end, and the Earth is just as dark as where i'm now, i will grab tonnes of chances to meet you up and my lovely families, especially my caring mummy too. Because of the deepest loves towards you, i will search for you in the dark even though the Earth going to ends in minutes or seconds. A single meet and hug will bring trillions of meanings and loves to me before we have to face deaths. I just wanna prove that i love you jenny chew because your love will never be substituted by others. By the way, hopefully the Earth hour programmes will organise once every month in order to prolong the existing of Mother nature and the gorgeous atmosphere with unique and tranquil ambience and yet our love will never ends. So let's kick global warming and comes my babe, Jenny Chew.

Please support Earth Hour to the Fullest for the benefits of your loves one.

Art of mine...

Since when i started to quit drawing? forget ady...It's been so long... Enjoy it. It's kind of kindergarden kids' drawing but still an art for myself.



















These were the products from the scarpbook for my presentation on japanese...Robert Christianさん said that we had done a good job but it was so contrast that we didn't colour it. Anyway, i still appreciated all i have done for this assignment. Hopefully, my drawing still wont be that bad...haha...XD *but very bad*

Friday, March 26, 2010

It's a busy week...

This week is really a terrible and horrible week...

There are TONS of assignments and tutorials to be done...

Somemore, exams are just around the corner, have to stress up for all the subjects again.

Hopefully, this sem won't disappoint me again, so i'm gonna study hard but not soft~~*Lame*.

The time just flies and i'm looking forward too slowly whereby i'm almost lost.

It's Week 10 already dude!! Wake up please..n take a look of yo friends beside u..u have to know where they are.

BTW, Tryna my Best this sem not to disappoint anyone. Gambahteh!!~~ =)

Monday, March 1, 2010

丁当 - 亲人 My lovely song

丁当 - 亲人

别打开 礼物的缎带
最初充满期待 最后都腐败
别打开 午夜的电台
而爱 并没有教给我生存
可是爱 让我们变成陌生人
不要吻我 只要抱着我
不要爱我 做我的亲人
把手借我 一天一分钟
不是谁的情人 谁的某某某
就算我 全身湿透透
我也不再被谁 牵着鼻子走
如果我 还握住拳头
而爱 并不如你想的万能
可是爱 连慈悲也没多慈悲
不要吻我 只要抱着我
不要爱我 做我的亲人
把手借我 一天一分钟
不要吻我 只要抱着我
不要爱我 做我的亲人
把手借我 一天一分钟

Loves this song very the much recently...tryna get some times to savour relax and lovely...