Saturday, May 19, 2012

2nd post in 2012 LOL

I just realized i posted the very 1st post in my blog! LOL
what a new me, got my nails cut, ear clear, and haircut. not used to it when my hair is all black!
what else do i miss? alike i'm going to avatar's world,gonna prepare for the war!
and realized it's 520 2mr...520 jen! can't wish u on 13:14, coz u will be having exam ady.
i feel the nervous towards the job ady.
will i get compliment instead of just facing the music?
still the word, tell me im good and wish me luck if u saw my post!
LMFAO, just 2nd post on the same day do u think someone bother? God Bless ME! =D

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