Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Newly Born Baby in blogsphere here

Grats to timothytiah for being such an awesome blogs' player.
What's new btw?
it's nuffnangx!
no! nuffnangX!
It really solved my problems as sometimes i do need to think of those bloggers' blog addresses...
Well, it's actually to be simple, a social blog stalking website..
I had just signed up to whatever it is as i had been waiting for this ever since i read timothy's blog!
Cool! I was not invited to any nuffnang's event before, but still i admire the business mind of timothy and ming!
How great if i'm such high IQ?!
it's not my fate though!
Anyway, find nuffnangx great! it's like twitter, can just simply follow bloggers up and just simply comment on theirs blogs...well, thinks the comment box in those bloggers' site will be abandoned!
Again, it's NUFFNANGX! =D