Saturday, August 20, 2011


I'm officially 21st!
Well, though i can't celebrate wid my beloved family but still the family without having parents-->J-Family
The best family that give me best part of my life when im down*emo in other case*!
However, the present of mine has been postponed as they are busy recently and yet i haven't find one!
Well, we celebrate it at Chop & Steak! Sounds really awesome but it's located somewhere in the middle of a Malay Village. But still the place ain't important, the best part is the celebration! I enjoy it to the max! What a sad case was i couldn't sing for my own birthday celebration! What the HECK J FAMILY! I'M SO PROUD TO SING FOR MYSELF AND U GUYS AS WELL! SO DO LET ME SING! *I sing like a LION!*