Monday, August 31, 2009

52nd of Malaysia Independence!!

Today, 31th of August is the 52nd of Malaysia Independence...
Any one still don't know this country? Why call Malaysia? Most people would say because it's mainly of Malays land. It's the truth and yet it's conquer by Malays. So Chinese got nothing benefits at all. For me, Malaysia means MalaySIA SOI!! Haha...just add a word behind will make it wonderful and looks even great. By the way, how long can Malaysia withstand? And the Mission or Vision 2020 can be achieved not? That's what i'm wondering and am always ask myself whether Malaysia Boleh Tak? Anyway, just want to drop some words while it's Merdekaing! Haha... Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka!!
Tunku Abdul Rahman-Father of Independence
Tunku Abdul Razak-Father of Development
Tun Hussein Onn-Father of Unity
Tun Mahathir Mohamad-Father of Modernisation
Abdullah Ahmad Badawi-Datuk(coz of Pak) of Lah-ing
Najib Razak-Son of Development
Who is this??
Eh, that's Dr. Chua Soi Lek
Will him be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia?
Hopefully he can, but there's no more hope for him because he is jobless now.
What to do? The only hope for a Chinese Prime Minister has gone.
So, just pray hard.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This House is never called a 'Home' anymore!


Everytime i reached home, i just can't stand the dirtiness and the messiness of the house. The house is extremely dusty and filthy. It is just like no one ever exist in this house instead of hogs. Today, i woke up and i just can't stand the dirtiness so i cleaned and tidy it up.

Pls, make use of your legs and hands, u r not kids anymore and yet not disabled. Somemore, we have time..manage your time properly, and always keep the house clean and tidy..

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fucking Insane!!!

Usain Bolt Fucking Insane in breaking 2 New World Records!!2 New World records Holder!

100m within 9.58s...i don't have the time to swallow my food!!

200m within 19.19s!!Dat's great...alike superman...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Wat a tiring day again...

I'm extremely exhausted...

Rushed for my statics' assignment, done my parts but ended up handling it on Monday because few parts still not yet done. However, i only got to know it today i'm gonna have my oral presentation. So, continued with my power point slides. The results for today's presentation was that my presentation was sucked due to nervousness. Besides, i had faced the musics by sir that my outline was totally out of what he thought. Then, we went straight to cheras saloon 'ZEX' as mark had straighten his front hair there. We had an interesting and marvellous movie (Turning Point-->HAHAHA{Laughing} gor) in GSC of Leisure Mall. Voted it for 9.5/10, 0.5 due to the inpunctuality of us. Tired and went back home... Now i feel like sleeping...

Mark lee straightening his hair
Really nice and have a watch!!

Went 趣台北 with Jared, Karen, Jenshen, and jiaseng. Though it's the fact that Taiwan is having worst and terrified disasters, we still chose to have a try there. The cuisines there was no bad but it costs much yet serve with limited food. Think the 'morakat' winds had blew them here. However, the waiters and waitress seem to be ppl of China.

Eat la, still c!! Later yo mole drop arr..
Jiaseng had his minced meat noodles

rainforest,honeydew and the mint drinks..^^

jenshen n i had minced meat rice
趣台北 is half-fullhouse dat nite

Never noe guys oso have such SEXY underwear.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


祝我生日快乐--->Justin Chai Min Poh @K@ Bobo

那么 让我诚实一点
诚实 难免有不能控制的宣泄
难 像切歌切掉回忆的画面
还爱你 带一点恨

I Love this song much..
so post it for myself. ^.^

Friday, August 14, 2009

An Ossified Rule in M'sia

It's an ossified rule in M'sia...

It happened few minutes ago, i went to have my dinner with both of my bros--Jiaseng and ryan.
We usually go to the same place which located just a walking distance from the condo we stay.
It's really so lucky for me to deserve with a free 20 bucks on the seat we chose.
Hence, we got FOC meals tonight. However, i only ordered a nasi goreng ayam with sour plum juice. Thing doesn't comes very smooth for those stallholders.
Wat's Happening???
DBKL suddenly appeared just alike teleport there just in seconds. They confiscated almost all the stuffs including those stalls, chairs, tables, shelters and so forth. I really upset to see some stallholders who still insisting to strive for their stuffs back. I saw an ageing woman who owned two stalls and one had been confiscated and another is safe. I sympathised with her because i used to see her work alone alike no relatives or families.
Lets the pictures make the talking...

Those stuffs confiscated..
Those upset stallholders.

Most ppl are ordered not to stand..
Owh!! No....

The fried fish stall being confiscated.

The DBKL's lorry..

The Wangsa maju

Yeng ler...Ting Ding Lee...with silvery hair..

went to have my hair cut in kepong...His hair after perming.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Demons are visiting me recently....

DEMONS!!Hope you won't last long here...

Wow...The fierce and damnable demons are pressuring me nowadays causing me to breathe like a fish landed gasping for air. It's really hardly for me to live compatibly.
There are tonnes of assignments and examinations coming in alike without leaving.
Alike today, having thermodynamics exam, material science on friday, maths exam next wed.
Somemore, Autocad, circuit theory and statics assignments don't even touch a single hair of it.
The war between the demons and i straight comes to the end of september-->It's Final then.
I'm bushed...but still gonna keep it up to fight against them. Hopes the dawn will arrive very soon. ^.^ Gambahteh!!

Just now was the 1st time being to wet market alone. I just wanted to buy two chicken wings and breast meat, the butcher straight away dipped a hardly survived chicken into an extremely hot water and it just had it's life gone in few seconds. They are really cruel doing this type of job without compassionating. Hopefully all the chickens will turn up heavenly. I have no choice buying and eating you due to h1n1.